Brushes For Beginner

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Welcome to the world of Makeup Brushes!


There are SO many brushes and tools to choose from to go along with it. How are you supposed to know which to choose? Especially when you’re just starting out. Besides all the options for the makeup product themselves. They all seem to serve a different purpose.
Understand the type of makeup you require, your face type, face shape and your features too, will help in deciding what kind of brushes you will need. For example, if you have closely placed eyes, you will need smaller brushes to provide more details for the eye makeup. If you have a wider face, you may need bigger brushes to cover large areas with ease and uniformity.
Many brands of brush out there, but it is more important than the name on the handle, though, is the materials that actually make up the brush quality. Brushes can be made from synthetic hair, natural hair or brushes with both synthetic and natural hair.
Natural hair makeup brush: best used for applying dry products like powder, eyeshadow, they are made out of various of animal hair, feel softer on the skin, pick up pigment easily and precisely, and extremely durable and more expensive than synthetic brushes.
Synthetic brushes are made up of manmade bristles, usually from nylon or polyester, which can be less harsh on those with animal hair allergies, cruelty-free and vegan. Recently, the world of synthetic brush has dramatically changed for better of quality and selection than ever before. As there are more options for makeup lovers and beauty gurus to choose either brush for liquid base or cream base.
Depends on the look you want to achieve, each type of brush would bring out different result. In order to help you figure out the basic brushes you should have in your dressing, here is a list of essential brushes for makeup, along with their purpose explained so you know which ones are your must-have tools.
Eye Brush Essentials:
· Soft dome/ blending brush: in the other word is crease brush. It is soft, has a pointed or rounded tip so it can easily fit into your crease, used for blending transition colour on the crease and soften any harsh lines, one of the “very important” brush to create smokey eyes.
· Eyeshadow brush: the flat surface of this brush allows you to pick a good amount of eyeshadow on the lid and able to blend it evenly.
· Eyeliner brush: usually come with pointed tip or sharp-slanted edge to create a perfect line along base of the eyelashes or for a super precise winged liner as you desired.
· Eyelash brush: spiral designed, used for separating or styling the eyelashes before or after mascara application. It can also be used to correct the eyebrows shape before styling.
Face Brushes:
· Liquid foundation brush: made of synthetic bristle, usually comes with two looks:
Flat edge with tapered tip brush/or the paint brush-like: for full coverage finish. The tapered tip can be used for harder reach areas like under your nose or around your eyes.
Flat top brush: designed for buffing and blending the product into the skin with streak-free, fullest amount of coverage and flawless finish.
They both can be used for cream and liquid product.
· Powder foundation brush: it is the largest brush in its family. Usually comes with fluffy, dense and large head. Ideally for setting face powder and finish the look with natural full coverage.   
· Blush brush: vary in shape, used for applying and blending powder blush to the cheeks.
· Highlighter brush: finish your makeup by using this brush to dust highlighter over the face or gentle buff and blend on highlight points for an illuminated glow.
This brush can also be used to apply the blush on the apple of the cheeks.
· Contour brush: used for applying and blending darker colour powder under your cheekbones and on the face periphery for a sculpt and slim effect.
· Brow brush: a sharp, firm, slanted brush that used for applying a smooth, precise line and defining your for brows
For your lips:
· Lip brush: made of synthetic bristle, can be tapered pointed or flat end brush. It is used to apply a lipstick or lip gloss evenly onto the lips.
Most important to remember that makeup brushes need to be cleaned at least once a week. Always wash your brushes with lukewarm water and shampoo or bath soap. Never leave them standing with the bristles facing up, the bristles may lose hold in the ferrule and fall off as water entering the glue that binds them together. If you look after them properly and treat them gently, they can last years to come.
Whatever brush materials you choose, you should feel comfortable while applying makeup. If the brushes feel right on your skin, and they do their job properly with good result. Don’t worry what the crowd says. GO with your instinct!




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